You want to study in Germany and still need German language C1 and your university qualification exam?

:prime is the foundation year for all state funded universites in Bremen and thereby the Bremen alternative to a „Studienkolleg“. You participate in German courses, broaden your knowledge with intercultural trainings and seminars on study techniques as well as learn for the exam as a student in your future degree program. This is the perfect combination for you to get prepared in starting your academic career at a Bremen university.

Currently :prime charges no tuition fees. You will only have to pay for the exam as well as your living expenses.

Choose your future degree program

Bremen offers guaranteed access to the following programs:

University of Bremen
MIN – Mathematics, Computer Science and Sciences

ING – Engineering

Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Science (HSB)
MIN – Mathematics, Computer Science and Sciences

ING – Engineering

University of Applied Science Bremerhaven
ING – Engineering


  • School-leaving qualificatioin that entitles you to attend a „Studienkolleg“/foundation course
  • German skills with at least German B1 certificate
  • TestAS with at least 190 points in total
    Please self-organize your TestAS exam. You’ll find detailed information on

Application via uni-assist

  • Create an uni-assist account
  • Login
  • Enter your personal details
  • Enter your TestAS ID
  • Select a degree course: Enter „HERE AHEAD“ in the field „University“ and select :prime ING or :prime MIN
  • Pay the uni-assist fee
  • Send certified and translated copies of your school-leaving certificate to uni-assist. Don’t forget this step, otherwise uni-assist cannot consider your application!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions. We are happy to guide you throught the application process.

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